Windows and doors – our specialty

Welcome to Omega Windows and Doors, your best provider of energy windows, sunrooms, enclosures, glass gardens, exterior and interior doors and much, much more. When you are choosing a company to install windows and doors for your Ontario home, you need to make sure that you get quality workmanship in good time and get the best return on your investment. We guarantee you get all those and more. Here are but a few of the things we specialize in:

A wide variety of Materials

This choice will affect the whole project and we made sure to allow you to choose from a wide variety of materials. Here are a few popular choices:

–          Wood Windows. They are a classical choice and will accommodate any need. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be painted in any way your heart desires. Nothing can replace the luxurious touch of natural wood in your kitchen or living room.

–          Vinyl Windows. Those frames offer an excellent level of insulation while costing less than wood and requiring less long-term maintenance. The colour is pre chosen and this means no peeling paint that needs to be regularly changed. Perfect for an efficient solution on a modest budget or for upper-storey and kitchen windows and patio doors.

–          Aluminum Windows. They are great for the garage and other functional facilities, or for bathrooms. It is very durable and will not be damaged by humidity or extreme temperatures, remaining clean and easy to operate at all times.

Energy Saving

Omega Windows & Doors offers installation of ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors. Windows and doors bearing the ENERGY STAR logo are specially designed to save you energy and money, as well as increase the comfort of your own home and additionally protect your possessions from the elements. ENERGY STAR windows and doors help the environment by keeping in heat and light, therefore saving energy and lowering pollution from power plants.

Safety Matters

Another service Omega Windows and Doors will gladly provide is Impact Proof Glass. The kids like to play on the front lawn and the back yard. That glass door is very vulnerable. Save yourself the worry and get aDouble-Strength shatter proof glass window to keep your door safe from that stray baseball and your child safe from broken glass, which is even more important.


Last but not least, style comes into play. Omega Windows and Doors offers a great variety of colours, styles and decorative elements: wrought iron and brass handles, elegant metalwork frames for glass doors, French doors, picture windows, rustic antique-looking exterior door hinges and many more beautiful things that will turn your new and improved, energy efficient home into a real mansion that you will be proud to present to your guests!

As an Omega Contracting Windows & Doors client, you can expect professional after sales support as well as being in receipt of the industry’s best product warranties. Call us now and we will provide you with a free estimate, and the best price for the deal. Don’t forget to inquire about our deals and special offers!