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    Omega Universal is Serving Toronto and GTA

    Welcome to Omega Universal, your best provider of energy windows, sun rooms, porch enclosures, glass gardens, exterior and interior doors and much, much more. When you are choosing a company to install windows and doors for your Ontario home, you need to make sure that you get quality workmanship in good time and get the best return on your investment. We guarantee you get all those and more. Here are but a few of the things we specialize in:

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    Omega Windows and Doors have been around for more than a decade now. Our experience speaks for itself. If you wish to experience reliability, efficiency, hassle-free installation and world class service, all at the same time, you should probably start looking at our catalog. All our goods are manufactured with 100% original materials that include pure virgin vinyl double coated Low E2 glass. All hardware products are of extremely high quality. The production happens in Canada’s leading manufacturing companies.

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    Energy Efficient

    Do you want your home to be cozy and heat-efficient, keeping the heat inside and giving your furnace a rest? With the hydro bill becoming larger and larger, energy savings are more important than ever. Omega Windows and Doors can offer you an array of solutions that will guarantee that your place retains the nice AC cool in the summer and keeps that precious furnace heat indoors during winter.

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    Working with Omega Windows and Doors is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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    Windows Replacement Services

    The highest spike of energy consumption for most Toronto residents is during the winter months, where a constant heat source is needed to keep your home warm. It’s not common for someone to open their windows during the winter time, but did you know that if the seal between your window and the window frame is bad, it can actually contribute to a loss of heat and increase your energy bill? This is a very common event in many households in Toronto because of the ageing homes and the extreme changes in temperature and humidity that happens between the seasons. This means that eventually your windows will need to be replaced, which also means that you need someone professional to handle your windows replacement Toronto. This is where Omega Windows and Doors can help.

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    We Install, Replace and Repair All Types of Windows:

    Many people choose Vinyl Windows as alternatives to aluminum, wood and fiberglass windows due to their energy efficiency, easy installation and effortless maintenance requirements. Whether in a new home or a replacement, these vinyl products provide their own advantages to a homeowner. One of the very well known advantages of vinyl windows is the high level of insulation and protection they offer. Compared to other types of windows, they will seal your room year-round, protecting from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. With high heating and air-conditioning costs, it is becomes a priority to keep your home costs down.

    Most people have seen a huge significance in the difference that any type of remodeling, renovation or replacement of windows has on their homes. Vinyl windows will provide the same type of effect, resulting in a larger home investment, but one that has a high rate of return, effectively paying itself off with reduced costs of energy bills within only a couple of years. For certain homes, replacement of the windows will mean immediately savings as such a problem may afflict much older homes and be the cause of high energy bills in the first place.

    With different types of vinyl windows, their selection and easy installation provides many incentives for people who may be able to do the job themselves. The product itself is inexpensive to manufacture and install, as they will fit in place of existing windows that do not require much remodeling or renovation of the surrounding walls. This also offers a low cost of renovation that is only directly associated with the windows themselves. You can also choose from a variety of Vinyl Windows that range from different widths, locking mechanisms, opening options, colours, material and styles. This wide variety is what makes this specific product so attractive for new and existing homeowners.

    The last advantage to keep in mind is the low maintenance requirement of such windows after they are installed. Their durable surface is already stained and finished, providing sealed protection against the elements inside and outside your home. They will resist dirt, stains, mold, scratches and dents. You can be sure that the exterior casing will remain in its original shape for years to come, no matter how much UV light it is exposed to.

    Although they are popular in certain homes, older models and some newer designs, Bay Windows are not very often used or seen in many properties. This type of design is often associated with Victoria architecture that had first achieved popularity in the 1870’s, commonly used to provide the illusion of a larger room. In addition to the cosmetics of the window, Bay Windows are also used to increase the flow of natural light into a building, as well as provide views of the outside that would be more difficult to obtain with conventional or flat windows.

    In selecting the right product for your home, you will find that Bay Windows come in a variety of shapes, heights, colours, angles and designs. Although each one of these designs is meant to ultimately provide with a better view of the outside, a decorative look on the inside, and the notion of a bigger space within a room, you must also consider how they affect the look and style of your home on the inside and the outside. The composition of these windows could mean that you have either one solid piece that spans the length of the window, or multiple pieces that can in fact be opened as regular windows.

    Generally, you will find that Bay Windows are composed of three different windows that will extend out from the home. These are typically made of one large fixed piece in the middle, in addition to a casement on either side. These casements are the parts of the window that will open up to the outside of the home. Providing the look of an angular bow from the outside, they will accentuate the exterior of your home, and provide for great ventilation and control over the flow of air into the room. The designs are highly energy-efficient and they are easy to secure with double-latches that will ensure security and safety to your home.

    When selecting a design for your Bay Windows, keep in mind that by installing such a product in your home, you will also be gaining a little bit of space on the interior of the middle selection. Therefore, we recommend that you select the right product that will allow you to utilize the space, depending on the size, for either some type of decoration or a small sitting area.

    In comparison to bay windows, Bow Windows are composed of a different shape and look that may seem similar but is in fact different in design. Rather than only a composition of three parts to it, these windows are in fact composed of sometimes four, five or more windows that are put together to create this product. Typically, these windows are composed in such a way to give them more of a rounded shape rather than a solid angular cut to them. Therefore, you may find that a bow window would be composed or three or more windows in the middle and two casements on the sides.

    Customization of Bow Windows also makes it easy to select the product that best suits your home. The more circular or angular you wish the window to be will determine how many pieces are used to design it in order to give it that look. Just the same as bay windows, Bow Windows provide for great insulation, security and energy efficiency, while providing a greater outlook on the outside of the home, the feel of a bigger room, as well as the option of opening two windows for increased and controlled ventilation.

    The space you gain with installation a Bow Windows, or a bay window, means that you can use the extra flat area for decoration, plants, or an extra seating area for when you have a full house. The utilization of such a space is one of the reasons why these types of doors make for a great selection. The flexibility of options in installing such a product means you can work through your options and put a personal tough to it when it is all finally installed and ready to use.

    Perhaps the most important tip about installing Bow Windows is to make sure that you are making the investment in a window that will look over a view that you will desire to look at. Think about the location of the window, as you do not want to be looking over a fence or an empty lot. Rather, make sure that this window can be in a room where you are over looking a beautiful view of a park, garden, or even your backyard.

    With a feature of wide glass, picture windows are great selections for bringing the natural light into any room in your home. With such an addition, you can also highlight a great outdoor view that is attractive, natural and breathtaking. In accentuating the exterior of your home, you can make it an extension of the interior, and vice versa. You may also choose to replace any other type of window with a picture window, providing for a more modern and contemporary look in a home.

    Aside from the feature of a very large window that reaches from the ceiling to the floor, Picture Windows also feature various slots for ventilation, you will also find that many of them are solid glass and they cannot be operated or opened. Although this may seem like a disadvantage, in fact this is a great way of ensuring that the installation provides you with a highly energy efficient window. In addition, it may also be a smart selection for those people who have severe allergies and must limit their exposure to airborne contaminants within their home. For each, you can find the advantages and disadvantages.

    When you are looking for a Picture Window, make the smart choice with all the factors we have mentioned. Consider energy efficiency, the look of the glass, operation of the window, and whether there are people who will be affected by its installation. In addition, your choice of where the window will be installed will greatly improve your home, or possibly waste an investment if it is in a room where you cannot benefit from its great features. You have to realize its potential and make sure that you place it in the proper location.

    Finally, consider the amount of maintenance and cleaning a Picture Window needs. Many of these windows will attract dust and dirt, which will become more visible with sunshine during the day. Therefore, select window treatments that are recommended by the manufacturer that will be effective and cost-efficient in maintaining that part of your home. Installing such a feature in your home must in the end look and feel the way it was meant to.

    Tilt and Turn windows have been the most popular in Europe for many years. The Tilt and Turn window is the highest performing operating window in Omega Contracting Windows and Doors collection and combines functionality with security. A multi point locking mechanism with up to seven cam locks for security, keeps the sash tightly locked into the frame.

    Examine the elegant, clean lines of the tilt and turn window. All of the operating hardware is cleverly concealed. A single handle locks and operates all of the functions of the window. When tilted inwards on top for optimal, draft-free ventilation, this opening position is still secured against intruders, leaving you and your family safely protected. You can leave the windows tilted open even in rain. You also can turn the Tilt and Turn window completely open up to 180 degrees for egress or for easy cleaning.

    The Tilt and Turn window can be configured in many combinations to create unique project designs which include both tilt and turn windows, specialty arch tops, and geometric shapes in flat wall, bay or bow. You can even glaze large areas such as store fronts and limited curtain walls. The possibilities are endless.

    Tilt and Turn Windows features

    Fully fusion-welded frame and sash
    Multi-chambered, heavy wall extrusion design to increase strength and insulation value
    Two, fully-replaceable weatherstrips at all sash and frame contact points
    Operating sash that turns in up to 180 degrees for easy cleaning from inside your home
    Multi-function, heavy duty locking system
    Available in optional geometric shapes
    Full screens with high strength screen cloth
    Double strength 1″ insulating glass with Super Spacer warm edge spacer
    Optional triple glazing for increased sound reduction and maximum energy efficiency
    A choice of 25 standard exterior and interior colours
    Energy Star qualified with our optional Low E & Argon glass package
    Tilt and Turn Windows have their own characteristics and attributes that make them desirable by homeowners all over. From energy efficiency and elegant designs, these windows are built with triple weather stripping that can protect against the elements of cold, heat, winter, summery, rain, snow, wind and much more. Such windows come in hundreds of designs, colours and shapes.

    With most standard Tilt and Turn Windows, you will be able to get the window opened in multiple positions. The purpose of such a design is to allow for opening the window in the traditional and conventional sense from the side, hinged on the left or the right, or tilting the window open from the top as it is hinged from the bottom. Basically, tilting a window forward while it is hinged at the bottom will make it look the same as a hopper window. The advantages to such a design are to provide the ability to control the flow of air into any room, protest against any elements, and help push the air circulation in whenever needed.

    For example, considering an installation of a Tilt and Turn Windows in a room of the home that is used as an office has the advantage of getting fully controlled air circulation into the home, without the headache of blowing any paper off your desk. This means that instead of direct wind, you will get the airflow without feeling the pressure. Comparably, there are many disadvantages to consider when selecting such a product.

    The cost of such windows is sometimes as much as double that of other windows. Window treatment may be difficult due to its design, the screen on the exterior makes it more difficult to remove and clean, and the handle hardware costs more than conventional handles to replace and repair Tilt and Turn Windows. The same as any other type of window, consider your options, the cost of installation, the cost of repair and maintenance, the ease of maintenance cleaning, obstruction of the window depending on placement within a room, as well as the aesthetics of how it looks in your home. Such a decision is important in the investment of money and time you put into your home overall.

    Hopper windows are designed with the purpose of allowing the proper ventilation and air circulation into certain areas that cannot be reached through conventional means or window designs. In the case of a basement or a lower level apartment that could be slightly underground, a Hopper Window will serve as the best solution. Designed to open from the top and tilt forward, these windows provide for the maximum amount of ventilation and light into basements and other smaller openings.

    Due to their nature and where they are used in the home, hopper windows are generally found to be energy-efficient and well designed, with unique systems that allow for easy sash removal and maintenance of the window. They serve a great purpose in security and safety, as they are easy to secure, open and close. Older homes are most likely found with conventional sliding windows that do not allow for much ventilation. However, recommendation is that remodeling a home should also mean upgrading windows to with a new feature.

    The benefit of a hopper windows is that it is hinged at the bottom and it opens at the top. They have lower air leakage rates than sliding windows due to their unique design, and screens are placed on the exterior of the window unit. Another great advantage is that you can open the full size of the window, allowing for maximized circulation, by allowing the air to get into the basement at a downward direction, rather than providing only a slider window where the circulation is fighting to get into your basement space.

    Whenever you are considering the replacement, upgrade and remodeling of your basement, turn your attention and selection to the hopper windows. Besides making for a great looking addition to the house, you will save money, energy, prevent water leakage and improve the air circulation around the living space.

    All Types of Doors Installation and Replacement Services

    Whether you are thinking about replacing an existing patio door or installing a new one in your home, there are different styles, designs, options and functions to choose from. With seeking a new patio door, you need to consider the space you are working with, the type of sliding door that is suitable to your home, and the size. With sliding patio doors, the different styles are sometimes appropriate and standardized to different spaces of a home.

    Depending on the area, the patio door will need to handle weather conditions that must prevent snow, rain and wind from entering the home. In addition, it may also need to protect against noise from the neighbourhood and weather storms that will slam it every once in a while. Although a sliding patio door can play two different roles between the functionality to a backyard and decoration from the room in which it is installed, they also need to provide for functionality and practicality within the home.

    You can choose from a variety of sliding patio doors, ranging from accordion doors, gliding doors and sliding doors. Depending on the general climate of the environment surrounding the home, accordion patio doors may be more popular in warmer climates, while gliding and sliding doors would be more popular in colder weather. With cold climates, glass can come insulated, double paned, or specifically treated to keep the heat in. Regardless of the material from which it is made, they can be designed to maintain the type of climate control you need, along with the energy efficiency you expect in today’s society.

    One difficulty to consider in sliding patio doors is that insulting them may be difficult, due to the importance of getting a tight seal and ensuring that the weather stripping used in the patio doorframe is properly placed. With older homes, this problem gets special attention due to the lack of structure viability in sealing the frame around older walls that may have shifted or leaned over the years. Regardless of the home, make sure you measuring the sliding door frame and get a door that will fit within the specifications of the space available without any modifications or renovations.

    For those who live in the northern climates of Canada and the northern United States, these people have come to know what storm doors are made for, their usefulness and how much damage they can prevent. However, others who live in more moderate climates would not be familiar with the terminology or the use of such doors. Exterior Storm Doors are built additionally to the outside of a main house door, in order to prevent rain, snow wind and other environmental factors from entering into the home during certain seasons and months.

    The purpose of exterior storms doors is to also insulate from the inside, by trapping a layer of air between the regular door and the storm door. Adding the storm door may in fact help in saving energy, preserving heat or cold, and minimizing the dust and allergens that enter into your home. With insulating qualities and a tight fitting seal, a storm door will cut down most air leakage to a minimum that will become noticeable in your monthly heating and electrical bill. When it comes to your selection of exterior storms doors, they come in a variety of solid doors, glass doors and combination doors.

    Depending on what kind of visibility you want from your exterior storms doors, you will be able to get a solid door, a fully-glassed storm door or even a glass door with a slide window screen, that can be opened to provide ventilation without opening the door itself. Such doors allow for air circulation and ventilation without exposing the inside of your home to the environmental factors you are trying to protect against in the first place. These doors are built to protect, and they are also built with a precision that may need a professional to perform the job.

    There are many that take on this type of project with the skill and precision of a professional, and you can successfully do the same with the right tools. However, the first step is to select the appropriate door for your home, and ensure that your selection can fit within the existing frame with extensive work, repair or renovation in order to complete the installation. Ensure that you examine the material, hardware, weather stripping and corner joints before you purchase your Exterior Storm Door, and ensure that it is built according to the specification you need.

    Only in the past few decades has fiberglass been put into mass production and development across a wide variety of products in the market. In the last couple of decades, fiberglass doors have come out as an inventive alternative to older types of doors. When it was initially developed, fiberglass resembled that of glass that was not aesthetically pleasing or attractive. However, technology has allowed for developments where fiberglass can be made to look like any type of wood grain or any other material surface.

    The biggest advantage in using fiberglass doors comes down to their durability and long life. The composition of the material means it can withstand extreme heat, damaging salt water, extreme cold and other harsh environmental factors. It was built to last, and that is exactly what it does. Even if you attempt to destroy a fiberglass piece yourself, one will find it is very difficult to do so from it composition. This however also goes along with their environmentally friendly design, meaning less material such as wood is needed, thus preventing the cutting down of more trees.

    Another advantage that every homeowner will love is the savings in energy and electricity that you will secure with fiberglass doors. These doors are filled with polyurethane foam, providing up to five times more energy efficiency than conventional wooden doors, as well as the insulation you need against the natural elements of heat, cold and wind. This also makes for a great preventer of theft. The difficulty in destroying such a door means fewer intrusions and thefts due to increased security from this extra door later.

    With so many advantages, it is hard to believe that anyone would choose to replace their doors with anything other than fiberglass doors. You can clearly see how the attributes and characteristics of the material can give a homeowner a distinctive advantage from a practical, security and financial standpoint in their home. Most manufacturers and distributors will guarantee their product through warranties, and you can be sure that you will need to worry about door replacements less after installation fiberglass at your front door.

    The main purpose for french glass doors could be construed as style and fashion, decorative in nature due to their design of minimal privacy. However, these types of doors are a popular choice amongst the younger generation of homeowners that are looking for new ways to shed more natural light into their homes. In providing such a style and fashion, one can bring a European flavour to their home, complementing their other designs, decorations and layout in their home.

    Historically, traditional French doors were made from hardwood, but have recently turned to French glass doors as a more popular choice. Even exterior doors may sometimes follow the original design of French doors, but still stray from it with double layers of glass for extra protection and insulation from nature lurking outside the home. Yet with these designs, French Glass Doors can compliment an outdoors landscape, backyard or even a flower garden. The design along with the decoration could seem as a fully designed aspect of your home, with the proper planning and attention to details.

    Aside from the decorations and their seemingly strong attraction to design, you need to consider the financial aspect of such an investment. Not everyone may be financially capable of accepting the slightly higher cost of French glass doors, even though some may consider them a wise investment. With their association to European design and upper class features, you can be sure that the value of your home will increase along with the investment. However, the differentials in cost may not be enough to waste most of your investment or regular doors.

    One thing homeowners can do is to purchase their own French glass doors, and with a little bit of guidance and expertise, install the doors yourself or with the help or a trusted friend. In today’s world, many people have become do-it-yourself experts willing to take on such a challenge. French doors are no different in this aspect, as long as you know what you are doing and are capable of complete and proper installation to the end. Also, keep in mind that simply installing such a door is not the final answer. Depending on where you live, you may need to consider an exterior door or shutter to protect against the severe weather you may experience around your home.

    When you are planning on renovating your home with new windows and doors, be sure that you focus on certain types of windows and doors that will not only suit the surrounding of the home, but will fit the design of whatever it is that you are looking to get out of a renovation and style for your home. There are many different styles of windows and doors, and as it pertains to choosing different types of doors, you have to account for whether or not you will work on changing the doors on the inside of the house, changing the door on the front of the house or renovating the backyard that needs a new fence.

    If you are focusing on the backyard, then you will need to work on the fence, and one of the main components of the fence includes focusing on the door of the fence. One such style is the fence door itself that can contour to the style of the fence itself. One popular door style is a patio door with a hinge, for the ability to open, close the patio door with ease and convenience. The hinged patio door works best when the size is equal to the height of the fence overall in the backyard, and the width of the hinged patio door will fit nicely and line up properly with the rest of the fence.

    With so many different types of woods that can complete a patio door, you can truly enjoy the luxury of having a custom looking hinged patio door with the layout of your backyard fence. With many companies in Toronto offering services on providing custom patio doors, you will be able to find just what you are looking for with great service, all at affordable prices. Furthermore, you can also visit several showrooms that will allow you to be able to see and discuss yourself which patio door works best with what you have in place.

    A hinged patio door can complete the look of your patio and add years to your home and the value to your home. There are many different types to choose from with so many different companies designing and building custom patio doors, it is important that you do some research before you begin your final decision on the type of hinged patio door that is good for you. With so many different selections and styles in Toronto and the GTA, you are sure to find something that will not only suit your look for the backyard, but add value to something that will help in the appreciation of your home.

    Some of the most important items to your home include windows throughout the house, and the doors that act as entry points in every room throughout the home. In regards to doors, there are many different types of doors that you can put into your home and those doors come in different styles, colours, sizes that best suit a different room in the home. You can choose from elegant French doors that contain some glass in the design, which is perfect for a connecting room between a kitchen and a living room. You can also used standard doors for bedrooms, and bathrooms that do what is required of the door.

    For something like the front door to your home, it is something that needs to have a proper door containing such things as possibly a window or two, have a durable material and can be somewhat insulated in case of influxes of the weather. In this case, a front door for your home should be steel insulated to account for all the points mentioned above. Choosing a steel insulted door in Toronto is something that you can do with the best chance of finding whatever it is that you are looking for from different colours, materials, sizes that best suit the style already in place for your home.

    You can also get a steel insulated door for such things as a garage, possibly a cold room that can store drinks, food and clothing in the basement of the home. These types of options will need to be implemented because it is very important to have these areas of the home well insulated because you do not want to risk running your energy bills sky high in peak times of the winter and summer months in Toronto. Another important service that a steel insulated door will do is protect you because of the stability that the door possesses and the importance its presence is when you have a front door or garage door.

    So the next time you are looking or shopping for a steel insulated door for your home in Toronto, there will be many good choices of steel insulated door companies that either manufacture and/or sell the product to the public, with a great showroom to visit and view the product. Be sure to do some research on what companies are best and see for yourself how you can find the best prices and options when looking to renovate your home in Toronto with a steel insulated door.

    New Garden Windows

    Let the sun shine in! Be the first one to experience a unique Garden Window addition to your home. Garden window is a new product on Toronto windows and doors market that let you grow your garden in home all year around. This new window product is designed specifically for Canadian harsh climate with insulation for maximum energy efficiency. It can be customized in size to fit any preferred window area in your home.

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    Metal Reinforcement Frame

    Metal reinforcement frame for casement and tilt turn windows provides you with maximum security in addition to energy efficiency.

    German profile.

    Assembled in Canada.

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