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These hinged windows operate by a turn of a crank in an operating mechanism. They can be hinged on the left or the right to open outward. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and see for yourself what our high quality, energy efficient products have to offer.

Omega Universal Casement Windows Benefits

Omega Windows and Doors has the expertise and products you require for your replacement project throughout the greater Toronto area. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and see for yourself what our high quality, energy efficient products have to offer.

If you are looking for replacement doors and windows in Toronto, then you have come to the right location. At your free, in home consultation, your dedicated Omega Windows and Doors representative will do the following:

  • Address your specific concerns and ask appropriate questions.
  • Understand the benefits and features you want from your new doors and windows.
  • Provide photos and samples of our energy efficient products.
  • Offer expert assistance in helping you choose the right products for your budget and home.
  • Measure and inspect your old doors and windows.
  • Explain each step of the installation process, so you will fully know what to expect with each phase.
  • Discuss different financing options that are available to you. We can even offer pre-approval for financing.
  • Offer a free quote, including the installation, of your new doors and/or windows.

This is how we at Omega Windows and Doors believe your Toronto window replacement or door replacement should be. With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we strive to create quality doors and windows with a single purpose in mind – increasing the beauty and comfort of your home. From start to finish, our commitment to you extends through each step of your installation or replacement experience. That is our promise to you.

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    When you are looking at a Casement Window, you will think of a book – hinged to open and close like a book that can swing either way. These windows can also swing, open and close inwards or outwards. They consist of frames, hinges and handles that facilitate the operation of the window mechanism. With several types, styles and designs, they provide different options to consider for installation in your home.

    Typical casement windows are vertically hung, hinged on either the left or the right side, opening outwards from the wall. There are other different types such as the French casement windows, providing separate panes of glass and hinged on both sides. However, regardless of the style, you will find that these types of windows are no longer popular as they used to be once a long time ago. However, replacements are still being manufactured to accommodate for the few homes and properties that still house them. Just like other styles of windows, Casement Windows can be installed as single units, offering little resistance or need to remodel or renovate the existing walls surrounding it.

    It can also be an ideal installation above a cabinet, countertop or other locations that are slightly more difficult to reach. With the design of casement windows handles, their operation becomes easier with the placement of their locking mechanisms. In addition, these windows will swing either in or out, but many people will also avoid swing the window open in smaller space, due to restrictions in smaller spaces and areas. The window swinging inwards may also become a problem getting tangled with hanging items such as blinds, drapes and window sheers. When selecting this type of window, you need to keep in mind how particle they are to your specific area.

    Сasement windows can also become decorative in your home. With their design and glass features, you can use these as doors to cabinets and other smaller storage areas. With their swinging potential, you may also be able to reach the inside of a space easier than opening the door all the way to the outside, restricting the space it occupies. This makes for an easier option when defining how you will be using the windows in your home.

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