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1afterThe highest spike of energy consumption for most Toronto residents is during the winter months, where a constant heat source is needed to keep your home warm. It’s not common for someone to open their windows during the winter time, but did you know that if the seal between your window and the window frame is bad, it can actually contribute to a loss of heat and increase your energy bill? This is a very common event in many households in Toronto because of the ageing homes and the extreme changes in temperature and humidity that happens between the seasons. This means that eventually your windows will need to be replaced, which also means that you need someone professional to handle your windows replacement Toronto. This is where Omega Windows and Doors can help.

With over a decade in the window and door replacement business, we know how to replace any window quickly, professionally and safely. Our staff consists of highly trained and friendly workers whom do their job right the first time, every time.  We’ll make sure that your windows are ready and replaced within the day so you can enjoy your new windows and lower energy bill.

Type of window

Not all cases that require windows replacement Toronto have to do with a bad seal. Damage to the window itself, be it a crack or break, can definitely merit the need for a window replacement. There is also the option to change the style of window within your home, which allows you to breathe new life with a different style that can work better with your home and interior decor. Whatever the reason to why you need to replace your window, something like a window replacement shouldn’t be left to the back of the list, especially if it’s broken or damaged.

There are two main types of windows that you can replace your old ones with, those two are frame-less and framed. The difference between the two is that whilst frame-less is just one pane of glass for the whole window, which is great for a more modern looking home; framed windows have multiple designable segments that are great for an older style home that needs a window replacement. On top of that, your windowsills can have a different colour and design that’s just right for your home .

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a new sensation that’s quickly becoming just as popular as conventional windows. They allow for a view of anything you’d like, regardless of what it might be. This is great for windows that aren’t in a place that has any visual appeal or simply for privacy within your home. Because they’re so versatile, they have a nearly limitless list of customizable possibilities.


Whichever window you decide to replace in your home, remember that it takes a professional to make sure it’s fitted and centred correctly. That’s where we at Omega Windows and Doors come in. We make sure the job is done quickly and done right, no matter the size. Call us or email us today for a quote or schedule to get your windows replaced.

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