Toronto Energy Saving Windows

energy saving windows torontoWith the growing need for energy in Toronto, there’s going to be a growing energy bill. It’s an unfortunate additive when the need for more power arises, especially during the winter months. There are ways, however, to tame the sum of your energy bill. One of the best ways to do so, is by having energy efficient products and appliances within your home and using less energy on things that you don’t need. Things such as an energy saving fridge and lights are a great way to cut down on the pay, having energy efficient windows is another great way to do so as well.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy efficient windows are exactly as they are advertised, windows that lessen the consumption of electricity. How do they do so? By having a proper seal and thick construction to lower the cost of heating or cooling your home. Regular windows don’t have as great of a seal protection as energy efficient ones, which can actually make you pay more when bills and taxes come around. This is because of the heat that seeps through the cracks and breaks in the seal of your window and window frame.

This is seen particularly in the temperature extremes in the summer and winter, where a lot of energy is needed to heat and cool the house in their respective parts of the year. Canada has some of the most extreme weather in this sense and as such, the seals on your windows will decompose at a much faster rate than most other places in the word. However, because energy-efficient windows have a reinforced seal between the window and frame, much less air seeps between the parts in the seal, which lowers the amount of air escaped from inside your home and the introduction of outside air. This in turn allows your air conditioner and heater to work less on heating and cooling your home and make you spend less on your energy bill as a result.

Just because your windows are efficient, doesn’t mean that they won’t go with the style of your home. Energy efficient windows come in as many design options as regular windows and have the same amount of custom options as regular windows on the market. On top of that, you’ll be getting a stylish window that saves you money with allowing a substantially smaller amount of air escape your home and be replaced by hot or cold outside air (depending on the season.)

When it comes to any window replacement, you need to make sure that you have professionals install them in order to have the best result. We at Omega Windows and Doors are more than happy to do so for you because with over a decade of experience replacing windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, we know how to do the job quickly and efficiently the first time, every time. Call or email us today to schedule your energy-efficient window installment.

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