There comes a point in time when you may need to buy windows for your residential or commercial property. Irrespective of metal-reinforcement-framewhether you are buying windows for a new property, or simply replacing the existing ones, it is important to choose reliable window manufacturers and installers.

Window renovations and installations are big projects. The window industry is huge, as far as the Canadian market is concerned. More and more Canadian homeowners are opting to replace their old, drafty windows with the modern, energy efficient ones. This helps make their homes attractive, comfortable and energy efficient. Unfortunately, there are many untrained contractors who are trying to capitalize on this increased demand. They are offering window replacement services without having the proper training and certifications, and the result is often a faulty installation that nullifies all the energy savings and benefits. Additionally, such installations also lead to costly repairs down the road.

Many homeowners are also unaware that there are over 2000 window manufacturers in the country, but the majority of these are not certified. Furthermore, these manufacturers are unaware of the building code standards for energy efficiency, air infiltration, and water leakages that have been prescribed by the Government. A majority of the vinyl window manufacturers do not even test their windows for these standards.

The fact is: there are nationwide auditors who perform independent audits of window installation contractors and manufacturers, and these companies also conduct comprehensive window installation training seminars for installers. It is important to select only those manufacturers and contractors who have undergone such training and certification so that you have the guaranteed peace of mind that your window investment is a lasting one. When you opt for certified manufacturers and installers you have the guarantee of buying the right products that are also installed in the prescribed format.

When seeking a reliable window manufacturer, make sure that you seek references from friends and colleagues. Apart from that, it is best to choose manufacturers who also install the windows. That way you do not have to hire a separate contractor for installation. It is also important to ask for references of past work done by them, and if needed you should drive down to see how the windows have been installed, and also speak to ex-clients regarding the window manufacturer/installer.

When you choose quality assured and certified window installers, you will get peace of mind that is simply not available anywhere else:

  • The manufacturer and installer will be certified and trained
  • You will get a full 5 year warranty
  • You will have high quality, energy efficient windows
  • There will be a registration of your job to ensure that all standards have been met

If you are looking for quality and peace of mind in your window installation project, why go anywhere else? Contact today for strong, stylish and functional windows that also meet and exceed all standards of quality.