The tools needed for installing vinyl replacement windows areVinyl Windows Installation

  • A hammer
  • A cordless drill
  • A putty knife and utility knives
  • A caulking gun
  • Level
  • Pliers or nail rippers
  • A tape measure

Prior to ordering the replacement windows, you must measure the existing window carefully. This includes the measurements between the side jambs at the top, middle and bottom of the window. Similarly, measure the height from the top jamb to the side. Measure either side and record the smallest measurement to avoid gaps.

Vinyl replacement windows are a good choice, as they offer maintenance free operation, and are also easy to install. Here are the steps for vinyl windows replacement:

  • Using the putty knife, gently pry off the stops on the inner edge of the existing windows. Using your nail rippers or pliers, gently pry off the nails through the backside of the stop.
  • Now slide the new window to check if it fits. Remove it and lay a small amount of polyurethane caulk on the interior part of the blind stop, behind the window.
  • Now place the lower half of your new window on the lower window-sill and slant its upper portion alongside the stop. If the existing window has a head expander, place it first over on the apex of the upright support/jamb. Push down the window tightly against the jamb.
  • Now it is time to attach the window for which you are required to use the cordless drill. Using this, drive the screws in place in the lower left and upper right corners.
  • Now shut and bolt down the sash. Additionally, you must calculate the diagonal measurements to help slide the shims on the posterior edges of each screw hole. You will need to adjust till these crossway measurements (from opposite corners) are equivalent. If they are; drive the screws in the bottom holes on the left and right.
  • Now it is time to plumb the window. For this step, place the Leveling instrument against the side jambs and slide wooden shims at the rear side of each remaining screw holes. Never overtighten the screws as this can deform the PVC jamb. Use your convenience knife to detach the wedges/shims.
  • Using the nails provided, replace the inner stops and reinstall the trims.
  • Insulate the windows using fiberglass insulation beneath the ledge of your newly fitted window. You will need to measure the opening and use the vinyl filler strip accordingly for perfect fitting.
  • Finally, weather-strip the joints between the newly fitted window and the stop between the ledge/sill, and stuffing strip.

As is evident, the process of installing vinyl replacement windows is quite complex. Failure to install it properly can lead to excessive air, water and sound infiltration as well as condensation problems, and this can impact the energy efficiency of vinyl windows negatively. Visit for trained and certified contractors who can help replace your existing windows in a prescribed manner.