Factory Direct Windows and Doors in Toronto by Omega

factoryOmega Windows and Doors have been around for more than a decade now in Toronto. Our experience speaks for itself. If you wish to experience reliability, efficiency, hassle-free installation and world class service, all at the same time, you should probably start looking at our catalog.

All our goods are manufactured with 100% original materials that include pure virgin vinyl double coated Low E2 glass. All hardware products are of extremely high quality. The production happens in Canada’s leading manufacturing companies.

We have a scintillating collection of high quality factory direct windows and doors. We offer all types of windows and doors handcrafted by skilled people at Canada’s impeccable manufacturing industries.

Why us?

The following are the reasons that would elucidate the above mentioned question:

  • We currently stand as the most experienced and trustworthy suppliers in the factory direct doors and windows department.
  • Our service is topnotch.
  • All our products have been marked with the ENERGY STAR logo. This insinuates we give precedence to conservation of energy.
  • Hassle-free installation of doors and windows is guaranteed.
  • We provide a wide variety of options to select.
  • We have expert staffs that offer apt guidance, assisting you whenever required to make the right decision.

Browse through our vast collection

Find yourself all types of factory direct windows and doors in Toronto at our store. We have everything that your house could probably need. Cycle through our beautiful collection of windows and doors and place your orders today.

All designs have been chosen by experts. Ideas of décor professionals have been brought into action. We specialize in the replacement of sliding doors, insulated doors, French doors and storm doors.

Installation and maintenance

The installation of windows and doors is done by professionals. Once you place an order and obtain your quotations, you just have to sit and relax whilst the personnel at Omega will take care of the rest. They would treat your house as if it is their own. Hassle-free installation is done. These professionals leave zero mess while carrying out their work. You do not need to get involved at all.

The after sales service offered is impeccable too. Simple calls of maintenance are attended very nicely and responded to with warmth. We have a track record of providing exceptional customer service, with thousands of satisfied customers bearing testimony.

Calls for maintenance are attended immediately, and necessary action is taken at once. Any type of problem related to the products is dealt with seriously, and solutions are provided quickly. We have a separate staff of technicians who are specialized in all sorts of maintenance work.

Energy saving venture

Not only does Omega Windows and Doors specialize in installation and maintenance, but it also sees to it that you save energy. All of our doors and windows are especially manufactured keeping in mind the energy conservation factor. Not only do you save energy, but you also save a lot of money. You conserve energy and money; meanwhile the comfort level just increases to a whole new level.

We retain pure virgin vinyl windows that not only let sufficient light to pass through but also conserve energy. Glass of these windows is doubly coated ensuring that your possessions do not get spoiled by direct sunlight. All windows and doors are energy star qualified windows that give precedence to protection of your interiors, apart from keeping your house’s interiors filled with apt amount of light and heat. This saves energy and controls pollution.