There are a lot of reasons that you may be considering new windows installation including:

  • To replace aged, broken windows
  • Add new windows to increase light exposure
  • Change the appearance and character of your house
  • Make your home more energy efficient

In many cases, the area around existing windows is rotted from exposure to rain. The appropriate steps should be taken when replacing the windows to replace any damaged materials and seal the window so that there is no way for moisture to get in.

Choosing New Windows

When choosing your new windows, you want to get the best value. That means sticking with quality products at the lowest price. Your goal is to install windows that will stand up to the test of time. At Omega Windows and Doors, we offer high quality affordable window installation in Toronto. We make it more affordable to get the new windows you want for your home and save you money on heating costs.

Energy-efficiency is something most home owners have in mind, even if it isn’t the primary reason for installing new windows. To make things simple, Energy Star qualified windows are available for installation year round. Although all windows may be rated for energy efficiency, Energy Star quailed windows must meet minimum requirements so you know they are a good choice. If you invest in good quality, energy-efficient windows, you can eliminate the need to put up storm windows and make them more attractive and affordable at the same time.

Glass Quality

When windows become broken, home owners sometimes purchase panels to replace the broken glass. Failing to put tempered glass in the window will result in large pieces of sharp glass if it is broken again. It is always a good idea to call on the professionals to replace full windows or just to replace glass. In many cases, an easily broken window can signal that the windows are outdated and need to be replaced around the house. Before you decide a new pane is all you need, take a good look at your windows and consider where your energy bill is now.

Avoiding Leaks

Windows most often leak around the top. New windows should be flashed with a drip cap during the installation process to protect the window. The drip cap should be installed before fitting the siding over top of it.

The Final Touches

Fortunately, there are many energy-efficient windows today that are also great looking. To make your new windows look even better, buy new trim that makes them a perfect match. If you are ready to

Leave It to the Pros

Windows installation can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the expertise to install them with a tight, waterproof fit. Most people simply can’t manage the job on their own and lack the skills to get the same level of results that they would get from the professionals.

If you are ready to get the windows installation that will improve your home’s appearance and drive down energy costs, call Omega Windows and Doors at 647-273-5061 or 647-351-8558.