Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

energy-starDo you want your home to be cozy and heat-efficient, keeping the heat inside and giving your furnace a rest? With the hydro bill becoming larger and larger, energy savings are more important than ever. Omega Windows and Doors can offer you an array of solutions that will guarantee that your place retains the nice AC cool in the summer and keeps that precious furnace heat indoors during winter.

Every winter it’s the same story. You run the heating at full, but there’s always that leak from the kitchen window or from under the front door. With every ounce of heat that escapes this way, a dollar gets cold feet and leaves your bank account. Insulation is important, but it is not enough to properly secure your home, and your budget.

The installation of proper energy efficient windows and doors in your Toronto home will result in hundreds of dollars a year in savings. In other areas of Ontario, more affected by the winter frost, energy windows and doors are even more important for your quality of living, and as an investment.

There are three main ways of getting this result:

* Vinyl Windows. Installing windows and doors with a high R-Value is a great way to keep things warm. This parameter reflects the heat conductivity of the window frame. The higher the R-Value is, the better the window conserves the heat inside. The traditional choice for window frame material has always been wood. It’s R-Value is relatively high and it is easy to work on, shape and install. These days, however, the Vinyl window frame is becoming more and more popular. The PVC is used in many industries and has been known for years to be an excellent insulating material. It’s R-Value is even higher than that of wood, which makes it a significantly more efficient material for energy efficient windows and doors for your Ontario home. Moreover, using vinyl over wood pays off right away, since it’s purchase cost is lower. The third great advantage this window type has is it’s durability, especially in extreme weather. Where wooden frames may warp due to exposure to heat, cold and humidity, and will need regular if not frequent paint renewals, Vinyl windows will last longer and may only need the occasional wipe with a dust cloth, that’s all.

* Double or Triple Windows. While your new energy window frames are doing their best to hold off the cold, the single glass window is sweating away, trying to do more than it can on it’s own. Air is an excellent insulator, and if you have a double window, not only you have double the amount of glass, but also a nice warm layer of air between them.

* Low Emissivity Glass is another popular solution nowadays. The glass is pre-coated with a sealant that additionally increases it’s R-Value and makes your windows even more energy efficient.

Patio Doors. Don’t forget that your patio door is also a window. A floor to ceiling glass that is also a possible energy leak. Our experts Omega Windows and Doors can solve this and many more problems for you and ensure you great quality, great savings and bulk discounts! Call now to get a free estimate, and we will make sure that your Ontario home gets the best set of energy efficient windows and doors that your money can buy.