In basic terms, windows are usually meant to allow light in during the day, provide ventilation, and to also play a significant roleabout-us-right in the overall appearance of the house. There are other important factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for your windows, and one of these is the weather around the area where you plan to install the windows. You can look at commercial window requirements for Canadian weather in the following ways:

Northern Climates
These regions of Canada usually experience cold winters, and therefore, windows should keep heat indoors. This means that the materials used to make them should have slow heat transfer, which can be shown using the U-factor, where a lower U-factor will minimize heat loss through the windows. You should also consider the solar heat gain coefficient (SGHC). This measures heat gain from solar radiation.
In northern climates, using materials with a high SGHC will allow you to keep that precious heat inside the house. You should know that solar heat gain coefficient is affected by house design, therefore planning/ architectural design should be done carefully to maximize the SGHC of the windows.

Southern climates
These areas are warmer, and some of the commercial window requirements for Canadian weather experienced there include:

  • A higher U-factor
  • A lower SGHC
  • A lower R-value

R-values indicate the opposite of U values and high values mean, that resistance to heat transfer will be greater. Windows with a higher R-value will, therefore, be more insulating.

Reducing air leakage
In older homes, there are chances that the windows will have air leaks, mainly due to cracks & joints, and these usually result in huge heat and energy losses. To avoid such cases, you should ensure that the windows you go for are energy efficient, because, regardless of their material, poor fitting can result in expensive windows being inefficient. You can prevent this by sealing any possible air leaks during installation. This will in turn help you to save on your cost of energy. In warmer regions, you can increase heat insulation by choosing glass panes injected with inert gases.

By just taking a couple of minutes to carry out some quick research you will definitely identify the right commercial windows requirements for Canadian weather depending on your region. You can then commence your shopping for such windows. Omega Contracting Doors and Windows are always well stocked with these windows where you will be assured of quality, durability & uniqueness, and all at a very cheap and affordable price.