In the present day there are quite a number of things that you have to factor in when choosing materials for residential windows. This will see you get the best windows to complement your home that: blend in with your home decor, bring out your personality and even help you cut down on your energy expenses. The following are some of the materials that you can consider when shopping for residential windows.

This can be said to be the standard material being used in residential windows nowadays, since it is readily available, cheap, strong and easy to work with, making it pretty simple to make customized windows. Wood also provides natural insulation and allows a number of options, anythin from from mahogany to pine and the etc. However, wood requires regular maintenance, and can easily rot when neglected. Painting is also important to maintain its attractiveness.

If your budget does not allow for large spending, vinyl will be a good option when choosing the material for your residential windows, since it is cheaper. Vinyl windows require very little maintenance, are energy efficient, and their colors run deep, making it difficult to notice any scratches or imperfections. Some of their downsides include the fact that:

  • They appear chunkier since they are weaker.
  • They have a plastic texture
  • Earlier vinyl windows usually experience thermal expansion

Nowadays, you will frequently come across fiberglass when choosing materials for residential windows, since it’s extremely durable. You can even make hollow parts in it, and some manufacturers are now filling these voids with insulation to produce more energy efficient windows. The major drawback with fiberglass windows is their relatively higher prices.

In a situation where you need to maximize on glass area, you can opt for steel or aluminum window frames, since these are very strong, and allow thinner frames to be built. Although steel is durable, regular maintenance is mandatory to avoid rusting, and aluminum is less energy efficient owing to its thermal conductivity.

You will mostly come across wood, vinyl and fiberglass when choosing materials for residential windows, and you will then have a variety of window operating styles to choose from, including: single hung windows, double hung windows, picture windows and casement windows, among others.

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