Roller Blinds and Shutters

Windows are the very first you notice when enter the house or office space. Most people understand the value of spending money on best window treatments to make their place stand out. It doesn’t matter if you want something simple or something appealing, going with roller blinds, zebra shades or shutters will not only enhance the interior appeal of your house, but provides with privacy and keeps off excess sunlight as well. Omega Universal has a large stock of roller blinds fabrics you can choose from. We bring samples to customers with free consultation at any location in Toronto and GTA.

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Roller Blinds Benefits

Controlling the sunlight – Some people don’t enjoy a room with excess of day light. Those of you who work night shifts and require sleeping during the day time will have no more issue in darkening your bedrooms. Complete black out roller blinds are available in the market which helps completely block out the sunlight; it eventually helps regulate the temperature of your room. This helps save some electricity bills you spend to regulate your room temperature using air conditioners.

Matching with the interior – If you like to color freeze the interior of your room as in making all the interior décor in a similar color, you can get roller blinds in various colors to match with your interior color or if you have the right shade of paint you could easily paint the blinds. Not all fabrics are made to handle such things so it is better to make sure to have the right fabric to achieve best results.

Low maintenance – As you may know, dealing with drapes and curtains involves a lot of dust and pollen. In order to keep the dust off from the curtain and drapes, you have to wash them regularly and this involves a lot of taking them off and hanging them again silliness. But with roller blinds, you can clean them by simply wiping them off using a damp sponge or even using a handheld vacuum cleaner. This helps you keep the dust bunnies at bay and keep your home free of allergies.

Plenty of options to customize – Since there are a lot of colors and styles of roller blinds available they can be used as it is or along with other window décors such as curtains and drapes, they let you modify the look & feel of any room in your house or office space. Your house/office ought to be as unique as you are, and new age roller blinds let you express your personality simply and attractively.

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    Types of Blinds

    Zebra Shades

    zebra window blinds operation

    Zebra Shades can be operated manually or motorized with remote control.

    Roller Blinds

    window blinds operation

    Roller Shades have different type of cassettes: open roll, semi-cassette, full cassette.

    Blinds Operation Systems

    window blinds operation

    Options: chain, spring, electric drive Somfy®, Galaxy®. The cordless lift option for roller shades is considered safer for kids and pets because there are no exposed cords. Available for cassette shade system only.

    Shades and Blinds Installed

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